'Tis the Season to #GoGreen

'Tis the Season to #GoGreen

‘Tis the Season to #GoGreen


Holiday season implies a gala time with our family and friends, warm meals and lots of merrymaking. But amidst all these celebrations we often tend to forget about the extra waste generated.


The warmth of Christmas and the anticipation for New Years is rummaging everybody. This season can be labelled as the season of giving and receiving gifts.  Most of us are probably having a hard time choosing the perfect gift for our friends and families. While choosing the right gift might be putting you in a dilemma, deciding on the way you present it with the perfect wrapping paper and ribbons might also give you a hard time. While we generally tend to prefer shiny wrapping papers and not think twice about purchasing newer trendy gift wrapping papers we often forget that our gift wrapping habits might be harming the environment.


Instead of purchasing new wrapping papers and ribbons for every occasion, recycle the ones you have. Refrain from throwing away the ones that you receive and reuse it. Wrapping papers are produced for single use and despite our best ability to recycle them; it might not be very appealing. A better alternative to them could be the use of colourful fabrics, newspapers and papers from magazines to wrap your presents. Now isn’t this a win- win situation for all of us? Our friends and families receive presents in the best eco- friendly way possible and all our unused newspapers and magazines are put to good use as well.


While this might not seem like much, even our smallest actions can make or break the environment. Choose to go green this holiday season and swap your actions with eco- friendly options. Christmas4